Trustees of the DeMolay Foundation of Massachusetts

M.W. Richard J. Stewart, Chairman
Vice-Chairman: Kenneth J. Scott
Treasurer: Herbert I. Lewis
Secretary: Wayne M. Vinton
Philip A. Drouin Roy J. Leone H. Robert Huke, III
William E. Holland James A. Moller Paul R. Perkins
Kenneth Pfeiffer David E. Potter Arnold M. Johnson
Christopher D. Rooney David S. Elsner Kenneth J. Scott
Emeritus Trustees
Albert T. Ames H. Richard Cornwell Robert C. Godbout, Jr.
Graham A. Long Clark B. Loth Paul F. Miller
Eugene B. Nichols Arthur L. Rockwell W. Warren Richardson
Jeffrey B. Hodgdon    
Ex-Offico Trustees
Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts Harvey J. Waugh
Grand Commander, Grand Commander KT, MA and RI Andrew C. Maninos
Grand Master, Grand Council R & SM of Massachusetts Robert C. Corr
Grand High Priest, Grand Royal Arch Chapter of MA Charles R. Austin
Active Members, Supreme Council 33, AASR, MA
Robert E. Godbout, Jr.
Robert C. Schemser
Donald M. Moran
Peter R. Smith
Potentate, Aleppo Temple AAONMS Theodore Polonsky
Potentate, Melha Temple AAONMS E. Brian Connor
Executive Officer of Massachusetts Brian S. Noble
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